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we specialize in

structural engineered wood building systems

Effective solutions combines fast and precise assembly of modern timber structures for various buildings, from single family house to high-rise public buildings fulfilling highest customer demands.

Comercial Projects
Lunner health center Norway 2019 5.jpg
Dresden Moxy Hotel 1.jpg
Skademosen residential houses Copenhagen
Glasgow Moxy Hotel 2018 2.jpg
Hunting lodge facades.jpg
Copenhagen Moxy Hotel 2018 3.jpg
Landborgir Landhotel Iceland 2018 1.jpg

our service includes

design - supply - optimization - assembly

Integrated project delivery team provides expertise in cross-laminated timber pre-design, design, pre-construction, and construction stages of a project. We are developing sustainable and cost effective structural solutions.

MOXY top floor assembly (8).jpg

we understand our clients' needs and confidently offer project solutions throughout the world.

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