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glasgow moxy hotel uk

We have executed this fascinating MOXY hotel extension project adding another 160 rooms to existing property. EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS have assembled very innovative highly prefabricated CLT elements containing of modules and panels. Project was executed within time and budget agreed with the Client.

Project size: 7000 m²

Assembly time: 12 weeks

Completion year: 2018

dubai expo 2020 swedish pavilion.jpg
Landborgir Landhotel Iceland 2018 1.jpg
Lunner health center Norway 2019 5.jpg
Dresden Moxy Hotel 1.jpg
Skademosen residential houses Copenhagen
Glasgow Moxy Hotel 2018 2.jpg
Hunting lodge facades.jpg
Copenhagen Moxy Hotel 2018 3.jpg
3.pagrindine erdve.scena int.jpg
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