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Sweden expo center 2020 dubai 

We are honored to build forest themed Sweden's Expo center in Dubai 2020.

Sweden national pavilion - designed by Alessandro Ripellino Architects, Studio Adrien Gardère, and Luigi Pardo Architetti.

The Swedish pavilion’s design aims to recreate the Nordic forest of Scandinavia, and the country plans to build the structure, located within the World Expo’s Sustainability District, using wood. 

Commenting during construction launch, Hallberg said: “Building the pavilion itself in a renewable material is completely in line with both Swedish priorities and the strong climate focus of the world exhibition.”

Sweden’s Ambassador to the UAE, HE Henrik Landerholm, added: “We want to show that Sweden is also an innovative and prominent hi-tech country with world-leading companies and that there are major business and collaboration opportunities.”​

dubai expo 2020 swedish pavilion.jpg
Landborgir Landhotel Iceland 2018 1.jpg
Lunner health center Norway 2019 5.jpg
Dresden Moxy Hotel 1.jpg
Skademosen residential houses Copenhagen
Glasgow Moxy Hotel 2018 2.jpg
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Copenhagen Moxy Hotel 2018 3.jpg
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